On your quest for greater understanding, has somethings been missing? Or has conventional therapy lacked the answers your seek? Maybe you need a boost in confidence to trust in what's unfolding, knowing you're here at this time on Earth to fulfil a greater mission?

Gain clarity for life's direction, understanding challenges and feel confident in your journey, potential and purpose.  By exploring what's going on across all areas of your life, we uncovering blocks, limitations, karmic ties, distortions, interference and more .  Offering an unique blend of information, guidance and every day action steps to create awareness of your life from a higher perspective.  

Personal SESSION

Intuitive guidance session connecting with your own personal frequency and accessing information within the Quantum Field offers you a deeper understanding of your experiences. Finding answers to the whys, hows and what ifs of life offers clarity, soothes concerns and gifts confidence to trust in alignment what's unfolding right now.  Awareness of your life from an Energetic and Soul perspective offers new insights to navigate the changes we need to live our best life.

Key areas explored are relationships, family dynamics, work/career, finances/money, location/home, spiritual experiences, soul mission, star-seed connections and more.  Practical action steps also offered to create sustained change and embrace a more free, loving and light life experience.  

Each session is unique and individual to what you need to understand to support your development, growth, expansion and evolution.  Direct questions can be asked during the session and can be recorded by request at the time of your session.





  • Learn how to align with your true Soul's mission
  • Embrace confidence within your own intuitive gifts
  • Understand the core trigger points and their origins 
  • Receive guidance in what signposts to look out for next
  • Link with your Star Seed origins and Galactic connections
  • Feel lighter and at peace knowing you're on the right path
  • Obtain action steps needed to align with living your best life
  • Have clarity of why you've experienced certain challenges and why
  • Gain confidence in your knowing that you're here for a bigger purpose
  • Discover any hidden blocks that need to be addressed to move forward
  • Connect with deeper guidance of why blocks, delays and disruptions happen
  • Understand karmic links, past life contracts and ancestral lineages impacting you

PRICE: £222 p/h



{Sessions can be recorded on request}

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"You are SO much more than what you think, feel and believe. It is time to embrace your true purpose and shine"

Ishala Wayshower

“Following a most wonderful, accurate and insightful session with Ishala I can highly recommend one to everyone – in fact, I think it should be mandatory for everyone who wants confirmation and clarity in their life!”