With Ishala Wayshower

A Soul’s Guide: Accessing Your Answers Within


Have you ever been told You have the Answers Within, but have no idea how to access them for your own healing?  Or even what that actually means?

Well, I do!

Based on my years experience as a Divine Blueprint Architect working from our Soul’s perspective to resolve limitations in Client’s lives plus all I’ve learnt from My Spirit Team whose guidance created healing pathways to clear my own complex childhood trauma – I’m excited to share with you the Keys to unlocking your True Happiness!

This Course will Guide you over 6 weeks to transform your negative experiences, trauma and triggers into empowered learnings for a life without limitations only opportunities to Shine your True Magnificence!

Access your Soul’s Perspective and gain life changing tools to align with your bright new future.

Live the Life you’re Destined!

Transformational Points

• Becoming the “Healer Detective" in your own life

• Exploring the hidden dynamics and how to work with your body & emotional intelligences

• Understanding the Imprints of trauma, negative experiences & trigger points

• Exploring current limitations to access deep healing from the Soul perspective

• Working with our conscious and hidden thought and belief patterns

• Translating your experiences and learnings into wisdom and wholeness

• Accessing a Life changing tools to support you in every day life

• Truly navigating signs from the Universe trusting all that unfolds in our lives is here to help not hinder

• Live your life from an Empowered, Trusting, Resourced space – not based on fear, lack or mistrust

6 Week Modules Outline

This Course is for you if….  

• Limited by childhood experiences, parenting impacts, bullying, abandonment, etc.

• Unsettled by family dynamics and/or dysfunctions

• “Stuck" in old patterns and reactions you are fed up with

• Tried many other pathways and still can’t find the missing piece

• Helpless or hopeless

• Low self-worth or value

• Directionless and/or disempowered

• Emotionally insecure and/or limited

• Experienced many therapies and nothing’s working

• Know you have the answers but can’t access them

• Want to be less emotionally triggered

• Fed up with feeling like a Victim 

• Want to change your life

• Know there’s more to your life than your currently living

• Willing to fully commit to your own Transformation

• Completely dedicated to doing the work required

• Resonating with the belief that you hold the Answers

• None of the above but feel drawn to the Course

This Course is NOT for you if….

• You want someone else to “fix" your life

• You’re not willing to put the time into your transformation

• You’ll “squeeze" in the Course between other commitments

• You believe there’s a magic wand or pill to heal you in an instant

• You don’t believe in Soul’s

• Want to throw money at a resolution without taking personal responsibility

• So attached to your “story" which creates attention you’re not willing to give up

• Under-resourced to be committed to changing your life

• Recently diagnosed with psychiatric imbalances

• Inability to honour committing to yourself

• Don’t have an Internet Connection or Computer

• Unwillingness to show up to do the “work"

• Want the “Secret" but don’t want to put effort into transforming

• Want attention or an “audience" for your traumatic experiences

• Joining another course “just for fun"

New Content Shared Weekly

Video and Worksheet self-study

Weekly Live Group Coaching Q&A Calls with Ishala

Course Information

Private Online Support Group

Course start date: September 2021

Coaching Calls on Saturday’s 10am GMT via Zoom (USA Timezone Coaching Calls possible)

Calls Recorded for replay available after Live Call

Investment £555 (incl VAT)

Payment Plan available on request

Here’s the recent Webinar on MBS Online UK “Healing Trauma: The Soul Perspective" introducing why I’m inspired to create and share this information!

A Soul’s Guide: Accessing Your Answers Within 

Starting Date: September 2021 | Price: £555, payment plan available on request

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