Ishala WayShower
'We are not here to just experience life on Earth
We are here to make a difference' - Ishala
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I support Lightworkers, Starseeds and anyone who is ready to step into alignment with their Soul.


I am a Divine Blueprint Architect & Soul Communicator working in the 5th Dimension and beyond. My role is to facilitate, communicate and untangle any blocks, beliefs, limiting patterns that are being held within a Soul’s Blueprint. These can be picked up through trauma patterns from this lifetime or have collated over many lifetimes, inherited ancestrally and/or held karmically across all time lines, realities and dimensions.

Soul Mission
Together we will access your Soul’s Blueprint and communicate with your Higher Self. Identify no-longer useful thought patterns and feelings and with self-love, let go and move forwards to your soul's Life Purpose.
Writing a New Future
Access information from your current and past life times, ancestral and cosmic lineage and karmic contracts, to clear any limitations or disruptions in your energy field, to align with your Original Blueprint.
Pure Potential
Enjoy a renewed sense of 'anything’s possible' again. Discover your soul's life purpose. Gain clarity and energy to bring forth your knowledge, understanding and embodiment of your true Full Potential.


Your Soul knows your life plan, but do you?

Discover your Soul’s Mission and Life Purpose! This is a 60 minute channelled reading to Access your Soul’s imprint and communication with your Higher Self.


Are you ready to align with your Original Blueprint?

This is a multi-dimensional healing process to unlock the hidden potential of your Divine Blueprint and live the life you were destined for.


Want to live from a Higher Perspective?

Understanding life’s challenges from a Spiritual perspective including exploring hard to explain experiences and triggering events/crisis.


“I feel insecure in relationships and it’s preventing me from finding true love”

“I can’t move on from the grief of my Mother passing and it haunts me every day”

“My mind is always going to what’s wrong in my life with continual negative thoughts” 

“I’ve tried everything and still every day I wake up feeling anxious and depressed”

“I know I’m here for something more but don’t know what it is”

“Life has no meaning and it feels pointless”

“I can’t step into my power and keep hiding but I know there’s more for my life”

“I have such conflict knowing I’m a great Soul but feel it’s not safe to be me”

“I’ve tried everything to clear fatigue and body pain, I’m desperate to understand why” 

“I feel completely lost, I don’t trust myself and no idea my purpose for this life”

“Every waking moment and in my dreams, I’m plagued by fear my son’s going to die” 

“I’m under intense psychic attack and can’t shift it”

“I don’t feel like I’m supposed to be on Earth, where’s my true home?”

"We cannot solve our deeper challenges by looking at them with a 3D perspective, we need to expand our awareness to our true Infinite nature and travel into the Quantum Field and beyond to access root causes”

Ishala Wayshower

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