Divine Blueprint Architect, Inter-Dimensional Psychic, Soul Whisperer, Cosmic Detective, Deep Trauma Release, Ascension Support & Teaching Mentor. Liberate your past, align with your True Magnificence and Live the Life you're Destined!


My role is to facilitate, communicate and untangle any blocks, beliefs, limiting patterns that are held within your Unconscious and Sub-conscious by tuning into your Soul’s Map or Blueprint. Your Blueprint holds every single experience you've ever had as a Soul. We carry this into this life through inherited ancestral trauma patterns, unresolved past life burdens, current life challenges and more. Working across all Timelines, Dimensions, Galaxies, Lifetimes, Realities with my Spirit & Star team, we expertly create a lasting healing resolution to all limitations that hold you back from living the Life your Soul destined!

Soul Mission
Together we will access your Soul’s Blueprint and communicate with your Higher Self. Identify no-longer useful thought patterns and feelings and with self-love, let go and move forwards to your soul's Life Purpose.
Writing a New Future
Access information from your current and past life times, ancestral and cosmic lineage and karmic contracts, to clear any limitations or disruptions in your energy field, to align with your Original Blueprint.
Pure Potential
Enjoy a renewed sense of 'anything’s possible' again. Discover your soul's life purpose. Gain clarity and energy to bring forth your knowledge, understanding and embodiment of your true Full Potential.

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Online Membership Community

For LightWorkers and StarSeeds

Find Connection, Expansion and Support as we co-create a Sacred Space to navigate our Soul’s journey having a Human experience.


Your Soul knows your life plan, but do you? Discover your Soul’s Mission and Life Purpose!

A Channelled Reading to Access your Soul’s Blueprint and direct communication with your Higher Self. Gain clarity to bring forth your Knowledge, Understanding and Embodiment of your Soul Purpose. Uncovering why you’re facing certain challenges, re-occurring themes, blocks and limitations can be understood via your Soul’s communication.


Are you ready to align with the Best Version of your life?

Transformational healing designed to release trauma, limiting experiences, belief or program from this Life, Past Life, Ancestral, Karmic or Energetic interferences which are held in your Soul’s Blueprint. Discover the “Root Cause" of unresolved ongoing issues and be liberated from any emotional pain to experience integrated wisdom only. Includes a 30 minute post session support call for complete healing integration.


Seeking answers to Life’s questions & a Higher Perspective?

Do you need a helping hand to understanding life’s challenges from a Spiritual perspective, explore the energetic implications and find answers to hard to explain experiences?  Gain confidence in your gifts and how to use them in practical ways to support alignment with your Life Purpose. This Session is personalised to YOU with the specific goal to feel empowered and have clear understanding of who you are and meant to be!

Brand New Course! Starting September 2021

A Soul’s Guide: Accessing your Answers Within

Turning Knowledge into integrated Wisdom and access Empowered action to truly have the Freedom to align with your True Soul’s Magnificence!

Recent Experiences working with Ishala

"We cannot solve our deeper challenges by looking at them with a 3D Earthly perspective, we need to expand our awareness to our true Infinite nature and travel into the Quantum Field and beyond to access root causes”

Ishala Wayshower

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