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Understanding your life

unlock your experiences
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 Let me share a little about who I am

Everything can be healed once you know how

As a survivor of childhood abuse and neglect, I sought many conventional and holistic therapies to heal from deep complex trauma but mostly, with little impact.

My journey to feel whole guided me to the depths of our human experience and beyond.  This gifted me tools not only to heal myself but also how to help others.  Understanding that we are more than our experiences, reconnects us to a Universal truth - we truly have control of our own destiny.

As Human Beings, we can find it hard to fully understand why things happened to us and what we did to deserve such pain and suffering.  It is seeking the answers to the bigger questions which opens us to see what is truly possible.  We just need to be reminded of who we truly are and why we are here on Earth.


 transform Clearing

Gain clarity of your life currently to understand challenges, identify unconscious programs and patterns plus uncover other disrupting factors.  Offering an opportunity to level up across all aspects of life to fully align with your potential and purpose.

Transforming your life by clearing emotional imprints, limiting experiences and negative belief systems in all areas of life. Feel empowered once hidden blocks  held within your unconscious layers are released to live the life you are destined. 




Helping parents understand their child's uniqueness and their place in the world.  Specialising support with night terrors, anxiety and uncertain behaviours creating disharmony. Plus empowering children to embrace their sensitivities and differences.

Business Insights

Uncover where hidden patterns and unconscious beliefs that are impacting fulfilment and success of a thriving business and career. Our personal perspectives in how we view life directly impact our financial success.  Unlock your full potential in all areas of your life.

COUPLES clarity

Support for couples who are needing guidance, direction and clarity in their relationships. Discovering hidden programs and patterns hindering balance and happiness. Learn action steps to align your individual expression for growth into balance and unity.


Offering insights to uncover hidden programs, toxic behaviours, unconscious patterning to gain balance and harmony within your family unit or extended family. Balance and heal disharmony, grief, rejection, and emotional triggers.

If you've got an inner knowing there is more to life than what you're living right now and hold a desire to live a content, happy and peaceful life but don't know how - you have arrived at the right place.

We are all worthy to feel whole, fulfilled, loved, purposeful yet this eludes so many of us no matter how much inner work we do.  I am here to remind you that everything you've done and experienced in your life that lead you to this moment has not been wasted nor been a punishment.   

You are the one that holds the answers to unlock your full potential and
live the life you're destined.  It takes commitment, courage, compassion and motivation to access the tools to live a life of mastery.  Let me show you the way!

Time to shine your magnificence!

You are Body.  You are Mind.  You are Soul. You are Whole.

So many therapies look at one aspect despite some being Holistic in nature.  When we seek wholeness we must seek to explore every aspect of ourselves to truly understand who we are.

When we learn that our emotions, our thoughts, our bodies sensations act as a guide in every moment - we have accessed the Blueprint of Life.

Greater awareness that we are more than what we see, allows access to our Soul's Divine Blueprint.  Understanding reasons of our suffering, trauma, challenges, blocks and limitations, we access liberation to embrace inner-peace.


So many of us invest much time and money seeking ways to heal - but why haven't we? 

Learn 5 Reasons Why


5 Reasons
Why Trauma
is Still
Showing Up



"I loved my session with Ishala Wayshower, such a powerful and affirmative experience. Ishala's unique intuitive abilities and knowledge have helped me to understand myself at a much deeper level"


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