Ishala Wayshower
About Ishala
Ishala has developed an unique way of working with her intuitive ability to tap into the unknown and unseen aspects of what is holding someone back from living their best version of life. As a Soul Whisperer (ability to communicate with your Soul and others), Channel and Divine Blueprint Architect (reading the map of your Soul which holds all accumulated experiences including information from the Akashic Records) she creates the perfect formula to benefit each client to discover the root cause of an issue that other modalities have yet to reach.

Ishala’s journey over the last 15 years has been one of intense expansion through her own journey of healing childhood abuse and trauma.  Experiencing many healing pathways, it was the guidance by Spirit Guides & Higher Dimensional Beings who shared advanced healing techniques which created the complete liberation of her past.  She continues to use and work with these techniques today and through trustworthy Higher support and connections, she also channels bespoke solutions for each client she works with.

Ishala’s passion to support everyone to feel Free despite any scale of the obstacle they face. Her passion shines through as she offers deep personal, supportive and nurturing working sessions, with focus on empowerment of each person to know their own power, gifts and strengths.

Ishala links her previous career in the Corporate world which contributes her down to earth communication styles with logic and anchored in real life context. Also, adding in curiosity and possibilities creates optimum benefit for clients to relate to their every day life experiences and understand solutions.

Ishala's work continues to evolve as she now pursue's Mentoring others to bring online new methods and ways of healing to liberate all Soul's to Shine their Magnificence and share it with the world!

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