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Has your child had experiences which is impacting their life negatively?
Does your child have night terrors, speaks of seeing ghosts or having unexplained experiences?
Is your child sensitive and do they struggle to understand who they are or how they fit into this world?
Or do you have an infant or toddler that won't settle and you've explored all the usual routes to remedy?

What if I told you there is a solution and a reason why these experiences are occurring? Understanding children are more sensitive now than ever, awareness of increased pressures we have in our every day lives and the intensity of mainstream school system are just a few things creating unnecessary distress for our children.

Many Children are incarnating into this world who are Old Souls (or Star Seeds) and do not fit into the moulds that we as a society, currently subscribe too. This creates many challenges including experiences that many parents do not understand and often left feeling powerless to help their child.

Personal SESSION

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 This session is aimed at supporting the sensitive child to understand who they are, how they fit into this world. Offering empowered tools/techniques how to work with their sensitivities to deepen their understanding of self and beyond.  Supporting Parents to broaden their awareness in understanding who their child is and what their Soul is here to experience.  Also action steps are shared for Parents to feel empowered to enable deeper connections and alignment within family dynamics. 

 Depending on age of the child, we work through the Parent to connect directly with your child's energy and soul to gather understanding of the bigger picture of what's going on for them currently, what and why the challenges are arising with offering suggestions to remedy, heal, balance and bring calm to your child and family lives.





  • Access a deeper understanding of self and their place in the world
  • Find a connection and greater meaning of their experiences
  • Gain tools to work with their sensitivities and navigate challenges
  • Understand energy and how people, things, frequencies impact them
  • Clear and release heavy burdens that may be impacting their joy
  • Understand emotional triggers and how to create positive impact


parentS WILL...

  • Access a deeper understanding of who your child is at a deeper level
  • Understand why they're different and how to support their differences
  • Receive tools and techniques to support them to navigate challenges
  • Understand environmental impacts and how to create positive experiences
  • Clear and release any doubts, fears and concerns about their place in their world
  • Gain confidence in your parenting and connecting to your parenting purpose

More Information

Initially it is encouraged to share what issues are arising and impacts its having in every day life initially from the Parent(s) and also from the child if present.  From here using a felt sense and knowledge of who we are as a whole system (body, mind and soul) I tap into every aspect understanding their life including from a Soul and energetic perspective. Feedback is offered with a gentle communication style to allow for easily absorbed information to be heard, seen, felt and experienced.

When a child is present the session becomes interactive, inviting them to express in words, feelings, actions or drawing of their experiences - many key factors will be communicated by what's not said, shared or expressed.  It is important to have parental interaction also as a secondary voice as there may be early childhood experiences, inability to access memories of the situation and/or related events that may be impacting their current experience in utero and during pregnancy.  It is also possible to work only with the parent/guardian making connections through them connecting with the energy and Soul of their child to ascertain what challenges are presenting, root causes and action steps to remedy. 

Tools and techniques are offered that work specifically with a child's sensitivities and to meet their age so they may deepen their understanding of self, context of their experiences and create opportunities to create an position of feeling empowered. I also work to empower parents of an alternative perspective and how they can best support their child.

Some issues that present and respond well are:
ADHD, diagnosed disorders
Withdrawn, disconnected, self-harm 
Night terrors, reoccurring nightmares 
Emotional outbursts, anxiety, depression
Traumatic event ie bullying, abuse, divorce, accident 
Communication to "unseen" or "imagined" Spirit/Beings/UFOs

Sessions can be directly with parents without children present or with child present also ( suggest aged 5+). 
Please contact me to discuss what suits your personal family's needs best. May compliment other existing therapies you may be attending. Parent supervision and participation is required.
I work with children from from birth - 17 years

PRICE: £125 P/H



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Ishala Wayshower

"When we understand that our sensitivities are a gift and not a curse, we can find peace within our world"

“I was desperate by the time we booked our first session as my 5 year old was having huge emotional outbursts, screaming at the school gate and refusing to go to bed due to nightmares. I can't thank you enough as I have my sweet boy back and we're still doing all the things you suggested which he loves!”