Experience a Multi-Dimensional Healing starting with this Life and Beyond!

As a Channel I work with your Spirit Guides and Star Teams to connect with your Soul’s Blueprint to ascertain anything that’s creating a limitation in your life.  Connecting psychically, empathetically, energetically and within your Multi-Dimensional field, I access relevant information from this life, past life times, ancestral lineages, karmic contracts and also Star and Cosmic lineages. Working together, as you hold the answers, my role is to facilitate a pathway to clear any limiting programs, beliefs or disruptions in your energy field to bring alignment with your Original Blueprint.

Light Language is the Vibrational Language of the Soul

A key Access Point for every session

Working within Dimensions, Realities, Timelines we release past emotional imprints of turmoil or trauma and create a pathway to anchor the lessons that the experience brought.  Supporting growth and expansion at a Soul level, but without any imprinting of pain and suffering that we are still carrying. Every session is unique and am guided to the best techniques to create a lasting and permanent change in your Blueprint and shift your Vibration to resonate with balance and harmony.

Techniques include:

  • Channeling Healing Energy

  • Light Sacred Language

  • Timeline adjustments

  • Cosmic Rescue or Clearing

  • Sound and Toning

  • Aura Soma

  • Breath work

  • Visualisations

I approach each session in a down to earth, relaxed and nurturing manner.  Multidimensional Healing sessions are tailored to fit your own unique vibrational requirements.

Each session is allocated 2 hours however, if a session requires additional time it will be discussed at the time of your session. Please allow for extra time and space after the session concludes for Integration and honouring of the Energetic shifts you’ll experience. A 30 minute follow up post session for a fully supported healing experience is included.

2-4 days after a Healing session, we book a 30 minute Follow up and Check in session. Healing continues after our 2 hour session, so this allows a fully supported Healing Experience – to ensure you have my full 1-1 support and complete integration can occur. In addition, if questions arise, epiphanies happen, spiritual experiences, physical symptoms and healing pathways of shifting, clearing, balancing and awakening within you – you have a pathway to get clarity, understanding and alignment of all that’s unfolding during your session. The 30 Minute Follow Up is booked at the end of your core 2 hour session.

All sessions are run online via Video communication.  Please get in touch via the Contact page to book your session if a slot does not align with your time zone if outside of the UK.

Divine Blueprint Healing 2.5 hours – £450.00

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