Self Care Love Letter
.28 Sep

Self Care Love Letter

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This is a monumental year of change.  With everyone facing many challenges yet somehow, we are still here – navigating and finding a way through.  And as we face those moments of adversity, we’re still choosing Kindness, Compassion and Love.

Love is our Anchor and Self Love is our Guide on the Ascension path to the 5D. With this in mind, I’m sharing a gift of a Self-Care Love Letter exercise that you may find supportive.   Ishala x


Back in 2005 I did this exercise. I found it confronting, difficult and felt downright stupid for sitting down to right such things about myself.  But I persevered beyond the low self-esteem, unworthiness and pain of my Inner Child to find positive thoughts of myself and allow words to flow through me which were kind, loving and beautiful.  I felt awkward mailing it out in the post and felt embarrassed when it arrived through the letter box – mortified that anyone would witness me doing such a silly thing!

But I followed through – I placed it under my pillow and on the day of opening, I read those words that I had written to myself.  I was surprised, shocked and cried a lot.  Such a lack of Self Care was present in my life but I was willing to face all of my own inner criticism to find the connection to the deep Self Love that I knew I was worthy of.

I’m sharing this in the hope that it may be exactly what you need in this moment to support you on your journey.  Try it! We never have anything to loose and always, so much to gain.

Self Love Letter

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