Need support for Grounding?
.29 Oct

Need support for Grounding?

The below Visualisation was shared with me by my Spirit Team and Guides.  They have urged me to share this as a Supportive Tool to you as an invaluable process for grounding and a loving support from the Great Crystal Core of the Earth and the Infinite Intelligence and Unlimited Love of Gaia.

If we’re not grounded we can feel out of balance, unsettled, overthink, make decisions that are out of alignment and can feel unsafe to trust our life path. Energetically, we are needing to be as Grounded as possible to help navigate these last 9 weeks of 2020.

If I use the analogy of an anchored boat during a storm. Envisage the boat being held in place by the anchor whilst in the midst of turmoil. The same is for us. When we are grounded, we feel supported and in place.  This is where the Crystal Core of the Earth plays such an important part.

Being Grounded is beyond growing roots into the Earth. Grounding also realigns our Connection with Mother Earth – Gaia and her Crystal Core. This is the Original Crystalline Blueprint of our Physical Being.  In addition to feeling Grounded, this process also guides you to an access point to support embodying the new Crystalline imprint for our Physical Upgrade that Gaia holds on behalf of Humanity. Both are key elements for Ascension, as we make the transition from a year of Balancing Duality (Light/Dark) into 2021 – a year of New Paradigms.

Let this Visualisation act as chaperon now and in the future, so that you recognise without a doubt, that we are connected, supported, loved and guided at all times.

Listen Now. Enjoy! Ishala x

Grounding Crystal Visualisation

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