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In September’s Mail out I shared a lovely exercise in Self Care and accessing our much needed Self Love.  See here for more information and the Link to follow.  Ishala x

I’m going to be starting up the Weekly Live Meditations in October 2020. 

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Much love Ishala x

Connection Meditation recorded Live on 6th May 2020

Allow greater connection with all aspects of our mind, body, soul with being centred from our heart.

Soothing the Nervous System recorded live on 20th May 2020

Working with the Golden Light of the Divine to release fears, anxiety, stress, busyness and more to fully allowing deep relaxation for mind, body and soul.

Soul Searching Meditation recorded live on 13th May 2020

Release limitations so you can align with your Soul to let go & bring forth resources for a new aligned life!

Live Meditation event recorded in March 2020 to “Clear the Fear".

Relevant to anytime in your life you’re feeling anxious, uncertain, fearful or confused. I trust it’s supportive and helpful, Ishala x

We start the process clearing our own personal energy before we move into a Channelled guided Meditation.  This process wasn’t what I thought we were going to work with however, as a Channel, I had to surrender to the wisdom of my Higher Guidance to share a clearing process that also allowed alignment with our gifts and strengthening of our Light.  We end the Meditation with a Grounding exercise that was shown to me by my Spirit Team in February 2019 to connect with the newly energy 5th Dimensional Earth.  Go gently on your Journey, Ishala x

If the Free Support has been helpful and you’d like of offer an Energy Exchange, please share here.

Deeply appreciated, Ishala x

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